RingYourName is a ringtones app, not just any ringtone app, we sing all the names :)

You can hear your name, or your friend's name, being sung in different styles; Dance, Comedy, Rap, Hip Hop, Arabic and many others.

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  • “ This app actually does everything it says it does; and it does it with style. ”
  • “ Where has this app been all my smartphone owning life?”
  • “ It’s official now – I love this app and I can’t imagine my phone without it anymore!.”

Caller ID

In our app you can choose from more than 25000 ringtone styles, all of them can be used as a caller id, and with different styles, such as Rap, Dance, Hip Hop, Comedy, reggae, Talking, and more. So act now and download the app for free and you will get 25 Coins for free so you can download the premium ringtones for free! .


Free Ringtones

You can choose from thousands and thousands of ringtones; we have unique ringtones that can only be found in our app. We also have unique styles and much more. So give it a try; download the app today for free and you will be listening to the best ringtones you've ever heard :).


Unique Ringtones

What do we mean by "Unique Ringtones"? You can request any ringtone you want with any lyrics you like, so that we can create a special melody for you in a style of your choice. All of that can only be found in one app that is called "Ring Your Name".